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We make a happening out of your event

Event Logistics

To manage this challenging job, LLS Team supports you from planning up to the complete organisational & technical realisation of your event - on location.

Service overview:

complete organisational & technical realisation of your event - on location

inspection of location

Minimum of your manpower

Minimisation of risk and liability

Exhibition Logistics

Perfect Timing...

Exhibition logistics is critical in terms of time. LLS Team specialists are aware of that!
Our profound knowledge guarantees that your material will arrive at the right place - on schedule!

Service overview:

LLS Team can monitor all your exhibitions, calendars

we will inform you in time about shipping schedules, documents, timing, specifics, possible restrictions...

we will prepare estimation of costs for all locations

we pick-up goods in your facility and pass it to your booth

we rent all kind of furniture, booth material ...

while you already analyse your exhibition week we take care of your exhibits, your booth... 
   while you´re on the way home we will deconstruct your booth and prepare it to ship it back to you