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We do it your way

What we do NOT have:

- no Hotline
- no Call Center
- no waiting loop
- no fixed solution statement

First we need to know your job specifications - Then we develop customised solutions for you!

What we DO have:

Skilled and friendly staff, that pay attention in order to serve you with individual solutions - Just what you can expect from your LLS Team...

Superior staff - better results

Continuous improvement guarantees high service level. This maxim is valid especially for the fast changing international logistics sector.

Therefore LLS Team only employs skilled staff which get trained and educated regularly. Therefor we offer internal and external qualification measures for all LLS Team members. 

This optimum know-how transfer is the baseline to offer always the best solutions to our customers - not the first that comes along.

Internal education at LLS

lessons for trainees

language lessons (English / Spanish)

regular lessons in all software Outlook, Atlas, Microsoft Office, etc.)

External education at LLS

Logistics Specialist

Bachelor of Business Administration

GGVS lessons